Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where's your head at?

Thirteen days until Christmas day and I am far from prepared. I have presents to buy, packing to do, essays to write and plans to make! It's getting to the stage where I wonder why on earth Christmas is so popular. As a child it was the best day of the year, but the older I get the more and more stressful I am finding it! As well as all of this, it seems there have been Christmas parties every other day - and I'm invited. It is part of that all important time management. Getting everything done that needs to be and still having time to fit hobbies in around it. My Dad says it's all about planning - 'Fail to plan and plan to fail'. He's right, but at Christmas I think no matter how hard you try to plan there just aren't enough hours in the days to do all the things that are expected of you!

However, I did find the time last wednesday to go to Newcastle Metro Arena and see Basement Jaxx, it was fantastic! Despite finishing a little earlier than expected, I still had a great time. I also took the time to go to Scarborough with a few friends from work - seventeen to be precise. As you can imagine, there were lots of smiles and memories that will last forever.

I'm going to get a little philosophical now, I've been thinking recently about how much I have changed since being at university. People speak about university and how much it costs, how graduates are unable to find jobs, and how all students do is go clubbing. I appreciate the opinions of others, but my personal experience with university is that it has helped me to grow up, be independent, cook, wash, look after myself. I can make decisions for myself and I'm gradually getting better at that old gem 'time management' too. It's not all about getting the degree, it's the journey there that I think will mean the most to me. I'd like to hear your comments, do you think you've changed a lot since being at university? When I go home, my parents tell me that with every term I am growing into a more mature adult - something I'm sure they never thought would happen! I believe the financial struggles and homesickness will only make me into a more hardened and experienced character. Feel free to shoot me down if you think differently.

On another note, I'm travelling the 250 miles home this coming Sunday. I'll be staying in what I've known as home only for two nights, before my family move into a two-bedroom apartment. Yes, that's right, I go to university and my Mum downsizes her house! Well, at least she is making my 18 year old brother pay rent at last. It's about time!

I'm sorry, no fun lookalike website or anything today. If any of you have anything interesting you'd like to share - please do. I haven't had many replies about the celebrity myheritage thing either. Come on - Who did you get?!

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Erin said...

Hi Sian, sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of thinking, I remember when I told a friend I was going to University, he hugged me and said I’d have a ‘wonderful journey’. At the time I thought he was mad! Even though I only moved a few miles to get here I have definitely seen a lot of changes in myself and met some lovely people. I now understand what he meant! Have a nice Christmas and enjoy your journey into next year! Erin x