Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where's your head at?

Thirteen days until Christmas day and I am far from prepared. I have presents to buy, packing to do, essays to write and plans to make! It's getting to the stage where I wonder why on earth Christmas is so popular. As a child it was the best day of the year, but the older I get the more and more stressful I am finding it! As well as all of this, it seems there have been Christmas parties every other day - and I'm invited. It is part of that all important time management. Getting everything done that needs to be and still having time to fit hobbies in around it. My Dad says it's all about planning - 'Fail to plan and plan to fail'. He's right, but at Christmas I think no matter how hard you try to plan there just aren't enough hours in the days to do all the things that are expected of you!

However, I did find the time last wednesday to go to Newcastle Metro Arena and see Basement Jaxx, it was fantastic! Despite finishing a little earlier than expected, I still had a great time. I also took the time to go to Scarborough with a few friends from work - seventeen to be precise. As you can imagine, there were lots of smiles and memories that will last forever.

I'm going to get a little philosophical now, I've been thinking recently about how much I have changed since being at university. People speak about university and how much it costs, how graduates are unable to find jobs, and how all students do is go clubbing. I appreciate the opinions of others, but my personal experience with university is that it has helped me to grow up, be independent, cook, wash, look after myself. I can make decisions for myself and I'm gradually getting better at that old gem 'time management' too. It's not all about getting the degree, it's the journey there that I think will mean the most to me. I'd like to hear your comments, do you think you've changed a lot since being at university? When I go home, my parents tell me that with every term I am growing into a more mature adult - something I'm sure they never thought would happen! I believe the financial struggles and homesickness will only make me into a more hardened and experienced character. Feel free to shoot me down if you think differently.

On another note, I'm travelling the 250 miles home this coming Sunday. I'll be staying in what I've known as home only for two nights, before my family move into a two-bedroom apartment. Yes, that's right, I go to university and my Mum downsizes her house! Well, at least she is making my 18 year old brother pay rent at last. It's about time!

I'm sorry, no fun lookalike website or anything today. If any of you have anything interesting you'd like to share - please do. I haven't had many replies about the celebrity myheritage thing either. Come on - Who did you get?!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Yes, I know it has been quite a while since I last posted on here. In truth I have been especially busy, which is great news for a girl who usually finds the X factor to be the highlight of her week. But really, I have had a spectacularly busy fortnight.

I'll start with my new hobby... I have joined women's rugby - No, I don't know how to play, but I have every intention of learning! Last year I lived with Jenny, who is now elected president for women's rugby. She nagged me all year just to attend one training session "you'll love it!", she'd say, to which my response would be "I really don't think I will, Jen". The irony is, I met my friend Marie-Claire in september, she is captain for the rugby team. Clever Marie-Claire (MC to us) was a little more thoughtful in her approach, she bought me a couple of double vodkas and THEN decided to ask me. Of course, feeling a little tipsy and braver than ever I told MC I'd join up. So here I am, a new member of women's rugby, I really can't believe it myself - I think my mother has concerns!

I have also been bonding. May sound a little odd to you, but I have a great group of new found friends in the form of work colleagues. Over the past few weeks we've been planning for a night out in Scarborough - ooh I'm so excited, I've never been before! I've been told not to expect much more than a great giggle. I must say, it is really nice to have found so many great friends.

Speaking of my friends, a group of us trotted down to Wearmouth Bar last night for the pub quiz. Last sunday I was working there and our staff team came second (brilliant achievement)! This week we really outdid ourselves - we came first! I was quite excited by the prospect of a prize... what would it be? Shopping vouchers? Ipods for all? cds? Even free food?! No...... we won two pitchers of Diesel, yuk. For those of you who are unacquainted with diesel, as was I until I came to Sunderland, it is snakebite and black. Needless to say I didn't have a pint.

My Goodness! November, who'd believe it?! Well, I have started my Christmas shopping. I'm also counting down to the first door on my advent calendar. I love Christmas and I'm extremely excited. However, I am a little concerned with the number of Christmas trees I've seen in front-room-windows recently. Usually, I get all excited in november, but by the end of december I'm fed up because I've heard enough Slade, Jingle Bells, Wham and eaten enough mince pies to last me a lifetime. This year, as I said earlier I'm keeping busy, in fact I have so much more to look forward to, as well as my trip to Scarborough next Saturday, I'm going to see Basement Jaxx in Newcastle. I will be reporting on that soon. My mum is coming up to visit and we're going to finish off my Christmas shopping.

In short, I'm not moaning this week - In fact I can't stop smiling, and I expect you are all relieved to hear that!!

Oh, and I found this website... If you are feeling sad for any reason try this - it certainly cheered me up!!!! Here are my results:

Friday, November 10, 2006

It Never Rains But It Pours

Hi guys, I have some bad news - I'm not very happy!
You know sometimes you wake up and get the feeling that the day ahead won't be worth getting out of bed for..? Well, I dragged myself out of my cosy bed at about 10 o'clock this morning. For the past two days the boiler hasn't been working, we've had no hot water and of course no heating, making it difficult to get up in the morning. I had a shower (thank goodness that's still working!) and got ready for my french lecture. Typically I was running late and had to drive in, I was still 5 minutes late but I suppose that's excusable. However, there were NO parking spaces to be found anywhere in the car park nor on the surrounding streets. I decided to take my chances and park on double yellow lines. I wasn't obstructing a garage door, a delivery area, a turning point, or parked on a corner. In fact, I couldn't understand why this area had been painted with the dreaded yellow lines at all. I ran up into my french lesson and thought nothing else of it.

Two hours later...

Instead of returning straight to my car, I went in to Wearmouth Bar (where I work) to see if the rotas had been put up for next week. They hadn't. So I returned to my little J-reg Ford Fiesta to find, you guessed it, a big fat custard-coloured envelope stuck on my windscreen. I tore it off in anger, and drove home. Once home I opened the letter. Having not ever been in trouble with the law, I was a little suprised to find that the envelope contained a bill for £60!!!!!! I do think that's a little steep. If I pay within 14 days the nice people at NCP will five me a 50% discount. Still, that is no consolation for a student, who was in fact attending a lesson and had nowhere else to park! I was late today, and wouldn't usually have driven to the city campus (it's only a 10 minute walk), but for those who live further afield, it wouldn't suprise me if parking tickets were a weekly nightmare!

Now I understand why people hate traffic wardens so much.

On top of all of this, my car decided it wasn't going to start after waiting outside the doctors for my housemate.

Someone somewhere must have it in for me!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Skinny Celebs

This year has been the year of waif-like celebrities. Where have they come from? It seems that hundreds of unknown gaunt and skeletal 'celebrities' have been crawling out of the woodwork. Is it that womanly curves are passé and emaciation is now more desirable to the opposite sex. I very much doubt it. It has today been reported that Nicole Richie is back in rehab to put on some weight. The whole message to eat healthily has been completely misunderstood by many people like Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan (who is she?!), and the used-to-be beautiful Terri Hatcher. I also recently had the misfortune of meeting BB6's Nikki Grahame - she was unbelievably skinny. With today's fashion being pencil skirts, waisted belts and Mouret dresses, which are designed to give you curves, I'd have thought the starvation phase would have passed by now. On second thoughts, it is true that the skinnier they are the more publicity they seem to get-perhaps they're not so naive after all.

Speaking of fashion, Victoria Beckham has her new book out, That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between, I haven't read it, so couldn't possibly comment. However, I have read Allison Pearson's (Daily Mail) thoughts on it. It's quite funny, as Victoria Beckham is described as 'a demented twiglet'. You may have seen the advert for the Beckham's new perfume/aftershave, 'Intimately Beckham', if not here it is:

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Notice something???? How about a big J-Lo backside? It's been speculated that the picture has been touched up to give Posh a curvier figure. Speculated?!?! It's obvious! I just can't understand it, if you want a bigger bottom get yourself round to mine and I'll cook you a good old Sunday Roast.

Victoria Beckham is a mother of three, but judging by this she's been doing some serious dieting. Okay, so she might be wearing expensive lingerie, and it may be appealing to some members of the opposite sex. Personally I find it scary, her waist is absolutely tiny, her legs ridiculously skinny, her bum is non-existent and her boobs extraordinarily large for such a slim figure. I can only imagine that the woman has real issues with self-confidence, I pity her and hope she sees sense soon.

It has only been in recent years that the pounds have been dropping off the celebrities. I remember the Spice Girls, bouncy pigtails and chunky platforms, for women who back then had relatively feminine curves, still a far cry from the classic Marilyn Hourglass. Who knows what women will be doing to their bodies in another 50 years!

Movers & Shakers

Hello again,

I'm hoping my posts from here on inwards will be a little more compelling than the last, giving an insight (for those who are interested) into what life as a Sunderland PR student is really like.

Yesterday I woke at 7.30am, I hate early mornings, but I've been told it is all good practise for my future career. As was last night's networking opportunity, but I will come to that a little later on. My first and only lecture for the day was MAC 263, my favourite. At the end of the class we were put into our groups for the assessed project. We were given the brief to devise an advertising campaign for our client, a budget holiday company. I was assigned the position of account executive, meaning I am responsible for core research and the overseeing of other people's activities. I'm looking forward to the project, well... perhaps I would be if I didn't have two other group projects to think about at the same time!

I must apologise, I lied. I did have a second lecture of the day, but it isn't anything to do with my PR course. I also study french, I have an A-level in the language and decided I wasted last year by not continuing my french studies. So, this term, with a fresh attitude and renewed motivation I signed up to the advanced french class. It's hard. Sometimes I feel like I really don't want to go, especially as it is 5-7.30pm on a thursday evening which means I have to do without my daily dose of soap operas (I became quite a soap opera addict during the long boring days of my 1st year at uni). Anyway, last night I managed to get out early...

Patrick Lavelle, a journalism lecturer had organised a night where professionals of PR and the media would be at the Quayside Exchange from 7pm for all media students to meet. There was a free buffet and a magician too. I was in two minds about whether to go or not, but I decided it'd be a good idea if I did. When my boyfriend and I arrived at the venue we were greeted in an unusual way... WE WERE EGGED!!! Some kids on the other side of the road were lobbing eggs at anyone walking into the quayside exchange, wonderful! So the evening didn't get off to a great start, but things got better. Surprised by the turn out, my friends and I gathered in the corner chatting amongst ourselves. Finally realising this wasn't the point of the night, we went our separate ways looking for 'movers & shakers' to introduce ourselves to.

I spotted Chris Rushton, one of my PR tutors chatting to a smart lady, Sarah Hall. I spoke to her for a while about how I should go about getting a work placement etc, she gave me some good advice and paid a compliment to my Zara jumper (it must have cost a fraction of the price of her red and white dogtooth suit).

I then spent some time speaking to Karen Seafield, who works in PR and events management. She is currently spending a lot of her time working with a clairvoyant. She also has a client who owns an indian takeaway. It was interesting to hear her ideas, and how she'd made her way up the career ladder without a degree under her belt.

I found the evening very helpful, although I feel I could have made more of an effort. What I did learn though, is that not all PRs are scary suited and booted people with no time for talking. The people I spoke to were friendly, willing to chat and give helpful advice. If there is another event like this I will definitely be going, but next time I'll have a list of questions at the ready!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Something To Write About

Don't be fooled, this may be my first post, but that doesn't mean I have anything interesting to write about! I am studying PR at The University of Sunderland, and for one of my modules I must create a weblog. I have been waiting for a while now for something interesting to happen to me, so that I can write about it here. Unfortunately I do not lead an extraordinarily interesting life, I haven't won the lottery (yet), I haven't been on television, I'm not a Bond Girl or even a Z-list celebrity, nor am I married to a superstar sportsman (unfortunately). I feel that any of these advantages might deem me worthy of writing about my life for others to read. Instead I feel like a fading Big Brother contestant writing an autobiography that noone in their right mind will ever read.

Well, I said nothing interesting ever happens to me... but I seem to be having my fair share of bad luck recently. Today I decided I was going to start this blog, I turned my laptop on, after five minutes of waiting for it to load I realised the screen was still black. I turned it off and back on again, still nothing. Feeling a little annoyed, and of course worried. I examined it closer and to my horror, water trickled out of the nook between the screen and the keyboard. I felt my eyes prick with tears, That laptop is my pride and joy! I have put it on the floor by my radiator in the hope it will dry out but I'm not getting my hopes up. As for the culprit, it could be one of two. Mother Nature has recently presented us with downpours, which have seeped through the roof of my bay window and formed a puddle on my desk. The other culprit (probably more likely) is my boyfriend, Ian, who was clumsily closing the curtains last night, when he knocked over the vase of flowers sitting on my desk. For the time being I will be using Ian's laptop at my convenience.

I have had quite a speight of bad luck, but I really don't want everyone thinking all I do is whinge! Instead I think I'll try to embed a video of me here, to test my blogging skills and in the hope you might leave this blog with a smile on your face.