Friday, October 27, 2006

Skinny Celebs

This year has been the year of waif-like celebrities. Where have they come from? It seems that hundreds of unknown gaunt and skeletal 'celebrities' have been crawling out of the woodwork. Is it that womanly curves are passé and emaciation is now more desirable to the opposite sex. I very much doubt it. It has today been reported that Nicole Richie is back in rehab to put on some weight. The whole message to eat healthily has been completely misunderstood by many people like Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan (who is she?!), and the used-to-be beautiful Terri Hatcher. I also recently had the misfortune of meeting BB6's Nikki Grahame - she was unbelievably skinny. With today's fashion being pencil skirts, waisted belts and Mouret dresses, which are designed to give you curves, I'd have thought the starvation phase would have passed by now. On second thoughts, it is true that the skinnier they are the more publicity they seem to get-perhaps they're not so naive after all.

Speaking of fashion, Victoria Beckham has her new book out, That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between, I haven't read it, so couldn't possibly comment. However, I have read Allison Pearson's (Daily Mail) thoughts on it. It's quite funny, as Victoria Beckham is described as 'a demented twiglet'. You may have seen the advert for the Beckham's new perfume/aftershave, 'Intimately Beckham', if not here it is:

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Notice something???? How about a big J-Lo backside? It's been speculated that the picture has been touched up to give Posh a curvier figure. Speculated?!?! It's obvious! I just can't understand it, if you want a bigger bottom get yourself round to mine and I'll cook you a good old Sunday Roast.

Victoria Beckham is a mother of three, but judging by this she's been doing some serious dieting. Okay, so she might be wearing expensive lingerie, and it may be appealing to some members of the opposite sex. Personally I find it scary, her waist is absolutely tiny, her legs ridiculously skinny, her bum is non-existent and her boobs extraordinarily large for such a slim figure. I can only imagine that the woman has real issues with self-confidence, I pity her and hope she sees sense soon.

It has only been in recent years that the pounds have been dropping off the celebrities. I remember the Spice Girls, bouncy pigtails and chunky platforms, for women who back then had relatively feminine curves, still a far cry from the classic Marilyn Hourglass. Who knows what women will be doing to their bodies in another 50 years!


Samantha Wilcox said...

I really like your blog Sian, totally agree about the skinny celebs, what happened to curves?! It's difficult to know who to blame for it though, the industry for giving them jobs, the magazines for putting them on the covers or the public for holding them in such awe...could be an intresting debate!

Back to Live said...

I really quite like the woman. I know she is not the most popular celeb (or solo artist), but she's quite funny and doesn't take herself too seriously.

I agree she is skeletal and it's a real shame because Posh is an attractive woman.

I wil conyinue with comment later.

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Siân said...

I can understand why it may seem that I hate Victoria Beckham. In fact I don't, she's too skinny yes, but as Michelle has commented, she can indeed laugh at herself. She was on Radio One on Monday, Chris Moyles called her up for a chat. She offered to sing at Chris Moyles's party, to which his reaction was 'Nah you're alright!', she just laughed and called him a cheeky sod (or something similar). You can hear the chat here. This link takes you to the Best of Moyles podcast, but Victoria Beckham appears just before halfway through-So you can skip straight to that part, if you so wish!

Rosie Ford said...

I'm sure Victoria Beckham is a lovely woman but why can't she see that she looks ill?! It cannot be healthy for a mother of three to have the body of a seven year old. And to claim that she just has a fast metabolism is like me trying to claim that I'm the Queen - it just isn't true! I've also joined the anti skinny girl argument on my weblog.

She seems to like attention so why not get everyone talking by putting on a pound... or 200?!Bring back the curves I say!!

Lydia said...

Hey Sian,

I'm a first year studnet studying PR at Leeds Met Uni, and I have to agree with your blog. I'm currently writing an article about wafer thin models, for About the Spin. It's scary the amount of work these photo editors put into these 'natural' photo shoots.

Jaclyn X said...

Don't these women realise that they're role models to teenage girls who already may be insecure about the way they look? It stems back even further than the modelling industry though. I've just bought The Little Mermaid on DVD (yeah, I know, childish but it's a classic) and how skinny is Ariel?! Come to think about it, all the main female characters in disney movies and cartoons are skinny. Are young kids being made to believe that they have to be skinny from that young of an age? It's ridiculous!

Matt Shirazi said...

Hey Sian, thanks fo the comment, Getting to the gym is the hard bit, actually doing stuff when your there is a bit rock too!! I think its one of those things that u either love or hate or both together! Interesting what you were saying bowt the spice girls, I always used to like geri the best because of her figure, she looked ok when she lost her weight but looking back at them when they first started they seemed healthier and much happier. Now that there not so popular they seem to be getting skinnier, and they always look so down in the media. or is it the media bringing them down? Egg chicken question maybee!?