Friday, October 27, 2006

Movers & Shakers

Hello again,

I'm hoping my posts from here on inwards will be a little more compelling than the last, giving an insight (for those who are interested) into what life as a Sunderland PR student is really like.

Yesterday I woke at 7.30am, I hate early mornings, but I've been told it is all good practise for my future career. As was last night's networking opportunity, but I will come to that a little later on. My first and only lecture for the day was MAC 263, my favourite. At the end of the class we were put into our groups for the assessed project. We were given the brief to devise an advertising campaign for our client, a budget holiday company. I was assigned the position of account executive, meaning I am responsible for core research and the overseeing of other people's activities. I'm looking forward to the project, well... perhaps I would be if I didn't have two other group projects to think about at the same time!

I must apologise, I lied. I did have a second lecture of the day, but it isn't anything to do with my PR course. I also study french, I have an A-level in the language and decided I wasted last year by not continuing my french studies. So, this term, with a fresh attitude and renewed motivation I signed up to the advanced french class. It's hard. Sometimes I feel like I really don't want to go, especially as it is 5-7.30pm on a thursday evening which means I have to do without my daily dose of soap operas (I became quite a soap opera addict during the long boring days of my 1st year at uni). Anyway, last night I managed to get out early...

Patrick Lavelle, a journalism lecturer had organised a night where professionals of PR and the media would be at the Quayside Exchange from 7pm for all media students to meet. There was a free buffet and a magician too. I was in two minds about whether to go or not, but I decided it'd be a good idea if I did. When my boyfriend and I arrived at the venue we were greeted in an unusual way... WE WERE EGGED!!! Some kids on the other side of the road were lobbing eggs at anyone walking into the quayside exchange, wonderful! So the evening didn't get off to a great start, but things got better. Surprised by the turn out, my friends and I gathered in the corner chatting amongst ourselves. Finally realising this wasn't the point of the night, we went our separate ways looking for 'movers & shakers' to introduce ourselves to.

I spotted Chris Rushton, one of my PR tutors chatting to a smart lady, Sarah Hall. I spoke to her for a while about how I should go about getting a work placement etc, she gave me some good advice and paid a compliment to my Zara jumper (it must have cost a fraction of the price of her red and white dogtooth suit).

I then spent some time speaking to Karen Seafield, who works in PR and events management. She is currently spending a lot of her time working with a clairvoyant. She also has a client who owns an indian takeaway. It was interesting to hear her ideas, and how she'd made her way up the career ladder without a degree under her belt.

I found the evening very helpful, although I feel I could have made more of an effort. What I did learn though, is that not all PRs are scary suited and booted people with no time for talking. The people I spoke to were friendly, willing to chat and give helpful advice. If there is another event like this I will definitely be going, but next time I'll have a list of questions at the ready!


Chris Rushton said...

You'll get me in trouble saying that I "was speaking to a smart lady"! She was, of course, the new regional chair of the CIPR and has just moved from Robson Brown PR to be No2 at Golley Slater PR.

Karen KLR Management said...

What a great night... and many thanks for mentioning my PR Compay on here. All the best for your future. I like this site !