Monday, October 23, 2006

Something To Write About

Don't be fooled, this may be my first post, but that doesn't mean I have anything interesting to write about! I am studying PR at The University of Sunderland, and for one of my modules I must create a weblog. I have been waiting for a while now for something interesting to happen to me, so that I can write about it here. Unfortunately I do not lead an extraordinarily interesting life, I haven't won the lottery (yet), I haven't been on television, I'm not a Bond Girl or even a Z-list celebrity, nor am I married to a superstar sportsman (unfortunately). I feel that any of these advantages might deem me worthy of writing about my life for others to read. Instead I feel like a fading Big Brother contestant writing an autobiography that noone in their right mind will ever read.

Well, I said nothing interesting ever happens to me... but I seem to be having my fair share of bad luck recently. Today I decided I was going to start this blog, I turned my laptop on, after five minutes of waiting for it to load I realised the screen was still black. I turned it off and back on again, still nothing. Feeling a little annoyed, and of course worried. I examined it closer and to my horror, water trickled out of the nook between the screen and the keyboard. I felt my eyes prick with tears, That laptop is my pride and joy! I have put it on the floor by my radiator in the hope it will dry out but I'm not getting my hopes up. As for the culprit, it could be one of two. Mother Nature has recently presented us with downpours, which have seeped through the roof of my bay window and formed a puddle on my desk. The other culprit (probably more likely) is my boyfriend, Ian, who was clumsily closing the curtains last night, when he knocked over the vase of flowers sitting on my desk. For the time being I will be using Ian's laptop at my convenience.

I have had quite a speight of bad luck, but I really don't want everyone thinking all I do is whinge! Instead I think I'll try to embed a video of me here, to test my blogging skills and in the hope you might leave this blog with a smile on your face.

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